The design, construction and assembly of electrical panels for the furniture industry is undoubtedly one of the many flagships of Sigma C2, a leading industry in the supply of electrical panels to many industrial sectors in Italy.

For the construction of electrical panels to be destined for the furniture industry, as well as for those to be delivered to all the companies of the other industrial sectors that have been supplying them from Sigma C2 for years, the best materials both from a technical and qualitative point of view on the market, all to ensure a product suited to the needs of our customers and able to pass all the most rigorous and stringent quality and safety controls on which Sigma C2 invests a lot of energy, both in the design phase and in the construction phase.

The electrical panels that are supplied to the furniture industry are those of power in low voltage, but there are also electrical panels for automation – very important in a sector like this – and finally we must not forget the electrical panels for the main and secondary distribution that complete our range.

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