SIGMAC2 has always offered innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of various industrial sectors, from food to oil, from pharmaceuticals to thermoregulation.
Each of these branches requires particular characteristics of the product supplied to satisfy the peculiarities of the sector, thanks to its thirty years of experience, SIGMAC2 collaborates with design studios at the forefront from a technological point of view, and is always ready to take on new challenges, providing a result conceived ad hoc for the working environment in which it will be located and respectful of all the reference regulations in force for the sector concerned.

Each electrical panel is delivered complete with paper documentation, from the wiring diagram to the type tests performed during the testing phase, thus obtaining the certification issued by our company which provides a 24-month guarantee; this process, which has been implemented since the very beginning of the company, gives the opportunity to ensure the highest levels of quality standards, leaving the customer satisfied with the result and certain that SIGMAC2 will intervene promptly if needed during the installation in the field.

For all these production chains, customized products have been studied that can suitably meet the construction and regulatory requirements governing these particular market sectors, from the regulations governing clean rooms for the pharmaceutical sector up to the saline corrosion standards for platforms. marine oil, from the study of continuity solutions for continuous cycle food plants up to options with high levels of safety, proposals for the mechanical and thermoregulation industry; each product is subjected to rigorous quality and safety checks, so as to ensure an easy and functional installation of the finished product in the field, by virtue of the specific information provided by the end customer.

From electrical distribution panels, both main and secondary, passing through automation ones, up to power panels from 160A to 6300A, these are the solutions that our company is able to design and implement to meet the demands of each market and its characteristics; we develop customized solutions for installation from dimensions to operation, from connections in the field to the calibration of each individual switch, supplying components of the main leading brands in the electrical and electronic sector with which we have established historical collaborations, which have led us to achieve in the years the title of qualified partner for each parent company.