SIGMAC2 since 1998, has decided to undertake a certification process of the Quality Management System, obtaining ISO 9001 certification through one of the leading bodies in the sector such as Intertek; this directive has been revised over time, coming to define its latest version, still in force, in 2015 with the wording of ISO 9001: 2015 and receiving the approval to become an internationally recognized standard and accepted in the majority part of countries in the world.

By collaborating with important companies in the sector, not only in Italy, SIGMAC2 has over the years maintained its constant commitment to obtaining the necessary certifications to gain trust from its partners; especially for foreign customers, who do not have the opportunity to personally check all the business processes and, for their end customers, who are based all over the world; through the ISO9001 certification, we are able to guarantee a very high quality level, the result of an efficient corporate organization of human resources and manufacturing processes.

Since the verification of company performance is carried out by an external certification body, customers do not need to carry out direct checks at the operational headquarters of our company.

The choice of adopting these qualitative procedures has become a necessity for many companies like ours over the years, in the face of an increasingly high demand for guarantees from customers; from delivery times to service flexibility, from the documentation provided attached to the tests carried out on the final product, are some of the skills that we are able to demonstrate through this legislation, which by optimizing and standardizing the processing methods of the product, ensures the best qualitative result that we can offer to the customer.

The Quality Management System, often referred to simply as QMS, is a collection of policies, processes, documented procedures and records. This set of documents defines the internal company rules that establish the way in which the product or service to customers is delivered and processed throughout the business process, from offer to delivery, to ensure the highest quality models.

Thanks to the collaborations consolidated over the years with leading companies in the sector (including ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Bticino, DEHN, Frer, Cabur, etc.), SIGMAC2 has achieved the qualification of authorized partner for the installation of electrical and electronic components of the parent companies of reference. Each certificate was obtained after having taken specific training courses for each type of component that is inserted on the electrical panel, and certifies the specialization of our company’s technicians in the installation and connection of each individual element.

The constant updating of the regulations, related to the training courses sustained annually by our operators and the certificates issued by authorized bodies, allows our company to offer a complete certification of the finished product offered to customers.

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